Mid Shadow

Mid Length SHADOW
by VON SOL Surfboards

The Mid length Shadow is a blown up version of the original Shadow design. The front half of the board is similar to that of the Moonfish, allowing for easy paddling, early wave entry, and immediate planing and speed.

Available in Boardworks TEC Technology

Surfboard Design Details

The back half is all business with a single elevated wing providing release when you need it, fairly foiled out round-pin tail that both skates across softer sections and bites into the wave face for hard driving carves, and a quad setup to maximize maneuverability, speed, and performance.

An optional 5th fin box adds additional versatility to the model and has allowed the design to successfully perform as a tri-fin and twin+trailer setup as well.
The Shadow is often referred to as the ultimate “quiver killer” because it excels across an extremely wide range of conditions, from small and mushy, to overhead and firing.

If there’s one board you can bring to the beach on any given day and know that it will not just do the job, but will STOKE you out, the Shadow is it!