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The Von Sol Team is ready to get you a CUSTOM DESIGNED SURFBOARD

Ordering information for a Custom VON SOL surfboard.

We are a group of progressive surfers, designers and shapers that strive to be the best in the water and give our best in life. We approach our surfing and our products as we approach life by embracing the principles of stewardship, respect, leadership and discipline.

Surfboards are a work of art. Design and the overall construction is a collective of many people perfecting their work. Heart and passion is put into these emotional crafts that take us on a journey.

This journey is what we live for as Surfers.

VON SOL surfboards is the master work of professional surfer and designer Sean Mattison.

Sean has spent two decades testing and developing surfboard functionality and design specifications to meet the needs of the surfing community.

Sean uses his extensive surf design knowledge to produce the VON SOL surfboard line, which includes a wide range of shapes and sizes for high performance surfing.

The VON SOL Surfboard line is produced with the understanding that each surfer is unique and the better we surf the more we enjoy surfing.

VON SOL offers custom orders options to modify critical dimensions which best complement your surfing style and abilities.

Please contact us directly to discuss your next surfboard!

Enjoy surfing...

Choosing the right Surfboard Dimensions

Need help determing what board will work best for you?
Please give us a call at 760-433-6943 and let us help!

Custom Orders have a general lead time of 6 to 8 weeks.
Custom surfboards are designed including with individuals name on the surfboard.
(Boards may take longer based on based on design and construction)
A minimum deposit or down payment of $250 dollars is required.
All fin boxes are available.


Shortboard Order Form Custom Longboard Order Form

* Custom Mattison are fins only available in FCS and LOK BOX



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