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With over 30 years of surfing experience, Sean Mattison's surfing career is a resume of accomplishments dating back to the 1970's. This experience is a critical piece to Sean's surfboard designs, accompany this experience with 12 years plus of working in the surf industry as surfboard buyer and you can see why Sean Mattison has been deemed "Lord of the Boards" by Surfing Magazine.


Amateur Career (1977-1987)

  • 5 time East Coast Champion (1978,1980,1981,1983,1985)
  • 2 time runner-up East Coast Champion (1984, 1986)
  • United States Surfing Champion runner-up
  • NSSA Nationals (5th Place Finish)
  • Member of the NSSA NATIONAL TEAM
  • Member of the ESA ALL STAR TEAM
  • United States Surfing Champion 2003
  • Professional Career (1988-1995)

    • Top 10 Budweiser Pro Surfing Tour
    • Cover Surfer Magazine 1993
    • Cover Longboard Magazine 2006

    Coaching Career (since 1998)

    • 2009 Assistant USA Surf Team Coach · World Champions
    • 2008-2009 Asst Coach- Pac Sun United States Surf Team.
    • 2008 Calvary Vista Christian School-Athletics Coach- Surf PE.
    • 2007 Calvary Vista Christian School- Athletics Coach -Surf PE.
    • 2005 National Surfing League / The Game-California Cup Pro Series -- San Diego Sea Lions Water Coach (TEAM Champions-Runner Up)
    • San Diego Sea Lions Assistant Team Coach . (TEAM Champions- RunnerUp)
    • 2004 National Surfing League / The Game- California Cup Professional Series
    • 2002 United States Assistant Team Coach / ISA World Games, Durban South Africa
    Retail Career 1995-2007

    • Surf Ride Inc. General Manager
    • Surf Ride Inc. Chief Board Buyer
    • Surfboard Specialist- Quote on Cover of Surfer Magazine (re: Clark Foam)
    • Surfing Magazine - "Lord of the Boards"

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Sean Mattison on the cover of SURFER MAGAZINE

Sean Mattison on the cover of SURFER


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This magazine cover was controversial - A fish on a cover of Longboard Magazine!


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Mattison Store Online
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