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Oceanside California

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Von Sol theride...

When you paddle out on a Von Sol, it means much more than just a ride on a surfboard. You are taking a ride with us. We become a group of people with the same vision.

It is approaching life with the same sincerity, virtue and hard work to give our very best.

Behind Von Sol is something much greater than surfboards. We are a group of progressive surfers, designers and shapers that strive to be the best in the water and give our best in life. We approach our surfing and our products as we approach life by embracing the principles of stewardship, respect, leadership and discipline.

Those of us who have spent our lives in the water know that surfing is greater than ourselves and we seek opportunities to repay what we have been given. To ride our boards, is to share in our creed.

Catch Our Vision

Surfing is a path of stewardship, a duty to preserve what we love and advance our sport for future generations. When we see trash on the beaches we pick it up. When we see someone struggling, we lend a voice, talent and experience. Our vision is one of education and goodwill, as the sustainability of our sport depends on who we are as individuals and our collective power to influence the world through this vision. The advancement of our sport extends far beyond ourselves. We draw love of surfing not from our accomplishments alone, but through helping others, sharing in their stoke and progress.

Respect extends across every aspect of life. We respect the power of our oceans and the hands that created them.
Without respect we fail to observe and improve. While we are surfers and people with common passion for our sport. We
are also life coaches, family men and women, students, citizens that can and will make a difference.


At Von Sol, self-disipline, mindfulness, and well being have served us on our way and we hold close these virtues and vow to impart them through our example.

Catch Our Vision and Join Us!

Catch Our Vision




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Available at these fine surf shops.

Mattison Store Online

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Mattison Store Online
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